Cinemas showing films in English

Cinemas in English

Tbilisi offers a variety of cinemas to anyone who loves to watch movies on a big screen. Some of the cinemas have counted numerous movies on their screens. They are called “Amirani” da “Rustaveli”. Interestingly enough, the names of both cinemas derives from Georgian literature. Amirani is a hero of a Georgian epic similar to Prometheus. While Rustaveli is the author of the Georgian medieval epic poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin".

Cinemas in Tbilisi are equipped with Dolby sound systems. Many of these movie theatres have more than one hall.
During the recent years the number of going to the cinema in Tbilisi has increased, this is due to the renovated old cinemas and the appearance of the modern ones.
Usually the tickets in Tbilisi cinemas cost from 5 to 15 Gel. (Cheaper on the weekdays in the morning, more expensive in the evening and on the weekends).

All cinemas screen movies on a daily basis. They keep up with international theatre and movie premiers. Old cinemas host international and documentary festivals as well. The main languages of the movies are Georgian, English and Russian.

Rustaveli movie theatre is distinguished by its historic building. Those who are interested in historic architecture should observe Rustaveli. The cinema was built in 1939 in the style of Stalinist architecture. At the second floor level the building has sculptures of different social groups expressing movements. The upper floors are decorated by Corinthian pilasters, while the top of the building is surrounded by overhanging cornice. It is worth trying - watching movies in such a building becomes way more exciting.

5 Rustaveli Ave.
Tel: 293-22-53, 2 555-000

Amirani cinema

Amirani cinema is tourists favorite since it always shows the latest English movies. As previously said Amirani cinema got named after a Georgian hero similar to Prometheus.

M. Kostava St. 36, Tbilisi
+995 322999955


Along with old cinemas, new cinema center “Cavea” was built several years ago. Cavea has a special hall IMAX – particular movies, technologies and decorations contribute to the sensation of being part of the movies. The perfect projection of light, audibility and image serves to turn your screening into an actual reality.

Tbilisi Mall
+995 322 00 70 07